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September 12, 2009

Lake Morena Fish Report
Location: Lake Morena
by Lake Morena Staff

Note: The boat launch ramp for private boats will be closed until further notice due to low lake levels. Kayaks are still allowed, and boat rentals are available 7 days a week.

Carp: If you like long runs and fun fights with a rod and reel, now is the time with the carp on the feed.
Bass: Slow.

Bluegill: Slow.

Crappie: Slow.

Catfish: It\'s time for the stinky bait to come out of the fridge or freezer. Chicken liver, beef, and mackerel are getting the bites from the whiskery fish, so if it\'s time to get a fish in a boat, this is the place.

Note: No open flames are allowed during Red Flag warnings. See this page for latest updates.

Boat launch conditions: Not recommended for anything over 19 feet.
Boat rentals are available seven days a week and holidays.
Be sure to bring your catch in to the ranger station to weigh and record your fish on our new hanging scale. This helps park staff keep track of the fish population and you may also get your name in the local paper! The maximum creel limit for trout, bass, or catfish is five fish per person. Limits for crappie and bluegill are 25 per angler. There is no "catch and release" of trout. Bass must be at least 12 inches long to keep.

The lake is open daily for fishing and boating. Park hours for fishing and day use are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. No swimming at Lake Morena County Park. Motorboats and rowboats are available seven days a week. Motorboats rent for $40 on weekends, $20 weekdays except holidays; rowboats are $20 weekends, $10 during the week. You may provide your own motor on a rowboat. Our boat ramp will accommodate vessels up to 18 feet long. Watch out for submerged rocks!

For daily fishing updates, call Lake Morena\'s recorded fishing line at (619) 478-5473. A California Sport Fishing License (not sold at the park) is required for all anglers 16 years and older (under Section 7145a of the Fish and Game Code), in addition to the lake\'s daily fishing permit, which is available at the ranger station.

County of San Diego
San Diego, CA


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