Sportfishing Videos
Ranger 85 Offshore
Drone Video
If you couldn't make it to the 2014 Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA and stop by The Excel Sportfishing booth, watch this video and the Excel in non stop fishing action! Music by Signature Tracks
Gary White Tanker
54# White Seabass landed on 50# test Penn Baja Special Calstar 665h, dropper loop live squid. Filmed on Gopro Hero.
Sea Adventure 80 Promo 1 3 / 2010
Fishing promo video. - Sea Adventure
Testimonials Aboard the Real "Sea Adventure 80" 2011
Testimonials Aboard the Real "Sea Adventure 80" 2011?Fishing with Captian Scott McDaniels,H&M Landing San Diego CA.
Channel Islands - Treasure of the Sea, narrated by Kevin Costner
A Kevin Costner narrated film about California\'s Channel Islands released in April 2011 and now showing at Channel Islands National Park for more information please visit http://www.nps.gov/chis/index.htm.
How to tie a ball knot
Ben Secrest of Accurate Fishing Products shows how to tie a ball knot to join light line to a heavy leader.
Mirage Sportfishing - Halibut Fishing 55lb and 36lb 08.17.2011
Mirage Sportfishing catching a 55lb halibut and right after another 35 lb halibut. Official scale weight on the Berkley digital scale 55lbs and 36lbs What a great trip.
Tuna Slay on the Qualifier 105
Morgan Promnitz and Jared Lane went on an epic fishing trip down to Sacramento Reef, and Cedros Island catching some jumbo Calicos and some very nice grade yellow tail on their Hobie Mirage Outbacks. On the side we were able to get into an amazing tuna bite.
Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie
We fished on Sunday, July 31st with Captain Chuck aboard the Nature Bouy. The fishing was good we had 6 Steelhead (up to 10 pounds) for 3 anglers.
Eastern Sierra Trout Opener Preview by Tom Loe
Eastern Sierra Fishing Opener video done by Tom Loe of Sierra Drifters Guide Service
Santa Ana River Lake Trout Stocking
Trout Season is here, and we are kicking it off with our first pre-stocking thousands of pounds of Sierra Bows today Thursday, October 7th, followed by another huge load of Sierra Bows on October 14th. These Sierra Bows are fantastic fish. They are truly the closest thing to a truly wild trout. They are grown high in the Mt. Lassen Range, with cold, cold water, earthen ponds and exposure to all the food sources a truly wild trout would experience. To top it off, they are vividly colored, have bright pink flesh and are great eating. BE THE FIRST TO CATCH A LIMIT OF THESE BEAUTIFUL TROUT!! For more information visit us at http://www.fishinglakes.com/
Bass Fishing; US Open Preview 2010
Bass Fishing; US Open Preview 2010
Tuna master
Tuna Humor by the Cod Father!
Mario's processing Shorty
Big Tuna
Mario's Fish Processing
150 Pound Tuna
MLPA Journalist Illegally Arrested
On April 21, 2010, journalist covering a public meeting of the MLPA in Fort Bragg, California was harassed and illegally arrested by corporate funded staff and state Fish and Game wardens. The reporter was attempting to cover the process of the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation\\\'s public/private takeover of large areas of the Pacific Coast.
Limits of Bluefin on the Independence
We had the best trip ever!
Fishing Dog from Brandon Moonasar
You have to check this one out.
Stardust Sportfishing A Day at Sea
Welcome to Stardust Sportfishing! Here is just a glimpse of what a trip aboard the boat might be like. If you would like to go out on the Stardust please call the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara at 805-963-3564.
Mirage Gap Ride
This quick video was put together by Homan. This is from Pineapple's birthday trip.
No bait, just tackle: He jumps fish via helicopter
Matt Watson can catch a marlin with his two hands.
Fred Hall Shows - 2009
The Fred Hall Shows are coming up soon. Watch the video and get pumped.
Ranger 85 Whale Watching
The Ranger 85 provides high quality whale watching trips out of Channel Islands Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA. Please call the landing at (805) 382-1612 to book your whale watch trip or charter now.
Jig Fishing Mossbacks: Yellowtail At Cedros Island
RAPID-FIRE Fishing and Long Rod Demos from Skipper Bruce Smith and Jig Maker Matt Salas make this a must see for anglers who love to fish for Hard-Slugging Yellowtail. MOSSBACK YELLOWS load up rods and snap any line not up to the task. They're biting on Surface Iron, Yoyo Iron, and Live Sardines. Bass, Bonito, Rockfish, Lingcod and Yellowtail jump on jigs as fast as the guys can chuck 'em!
New Salmon Queen Crab/Cod Combo - Opener Nov. 1, 2008
The crab is open. Come on down. Thanks to Craig Stone and Craig Shim for the great trip. The weather was awesome. Check our video.
Truline Sportfishing
We had our first trip with Captain John Watanabe the owner/operator of the Truline. The Truline runs out of 22nd Street Landing during Fall, Winter, and Spring and runs out of Point Loma Sportfishing during the Summer.
Stardust Sportfishing - Santa Barbara Style Saltwater Action
Captain Jason Diamond and his crew did an excellent job. We had a great time.
Aloha Spirit Sportfishing - Oxnard, CA
Homan has created an awesome compilation. Check it out. Thanks to Captain Shawn Steward and his crew for a great year.
Renegade Two Day Trip - September 2008
We had excellent fishing for some nice beefy Yellowfin Tuna. We ended up with LIMITS for all. Thanks to Doug and his great crew. We appreciate your support.
Royal Polaris 7 Day Trip (Sept. 2008) - Excellent Fishing
We went to Alijos Rocks with Captain Billy Santiago. The fishing was great. Thanks to Corky and the Newell guys for sponsoring a great trip. Also, thanks to Frank Lopreste and his top notch crew and staff.
Mirage Mania September 2008
We had a great a day trip that produce big Yellowfin Tuna and nice Dorado too. Thanks to Captain Harlan Berk and his crew for a memorable trip.
San Nicholas Island aboard the Seabiscuit
Thanks to Bobby and Crew for an outstanding trip to San Nicholas Island. We had limits of rockfish and an assortment of other fish including a bunch of lings!
Accurate TwinSpin 12 in Action
Accurate TwinSpin 12 in Action
Gallilean Offshore Trip is a Success!
We had a great two day trip that produce big Yellowfin Tuna and nice Dorado too. Thanks to Captain Harlan Berk and his crew for a memorable trip.
Pacific Dawn Two Day Trip out of San Diego
We had another great trip aboard the Pacific Dawn. Thanks to the crew for a great time.
Mammoth Lakes Wake Up Call 07-21-2008
The latest video report from the Snowman
Coral Sea 7-12 and 7-13 Tuna Trip
Mark and Eric's Tuna Trip
Aloha Spirit - Thresher Shark
Check out our latest video from the Aloha Spirit with Captain Shawn Steward.
Eastern Sierra Snowman Update for 07-16-2008
The Snowman is back with his latest report!
Eastern Sierra Video Report by the Snowman 07-07-2008
The snowman it back with another update!
Eastern Sierra Video Report by the Snowman 07-02-2008
The Snowman it back with another update!
Ranger 85 - June 2008 Two Day Trip
This was our first Albacore trip of the year. We had a great time as always with Captain Frank Ursitti.
Eastern Sierra Update 06-30-2008
The snowman is back with the latest weather and fishing conditions for the Mammoth Lakes Area
Eastern Sierra Update 6-27-2008
The Snowman is back with an update for the coming weekend in the Easter Sierra's.
Eastern Sierra Update 6-23-2008
The Snowman is back with his latest report!
Are you getting bit?
It's always fun being out on the ocean!
McGee Creek Video Adventure - Spring 2007
Mc Gee Creek in the Eastern High Sierra features some challenging fly fishing. The Snowman and Nick Layton got in on some hook ups early one spring!
Eastern Sierra Bent Rods 2008 Opener
Today we have a weather report and reports from Crowley Lake, The Upper Owens, and Convict Lake.
Independence Sportfishing - SFR San Clemente Island Trip
We had a great day fishing with Mark and the boys. The exotics were a no show but we did have some nice rockfish. Fun was had by all!
Monster Bass at Diamond Valley Lake
Ryan/Wayne & Tom Yee hauling in "monster bass" at Diamond Valley Lake with Pro Guide Mark Franco.
SportfishingReport.com 2007 Year in Review II
Homan is back with a killer vid. Enjoy!
Grande Summer 2007
The 85' sportfishing boat "Grande" operates out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. The boat is owned and operated by James McDaniels.
SportfishingReport 2007 Review
We had a great time fishing with all our buddies. Check out our latest video and thanks for the great year.
Great White SHARK ATTACK at Isla Guadalupe
This Spectacular Shark Attack on a Northern Elephant Seal was captured October 4, 2007 on Guadalupe island, Mexico our client and host of the upcoming show Wildside Encounters Luke Tipple was leading an expedition for Shark Diver.com, he brings back this fantastic footage and a great shark story.
Albacore Fishing aboard the Islander
This is a a trip from the archives. We had great fishing on our 1.5 day trip out of San Diego, CA. Our group of 19 anglers had 95 albacore (LIMITS). Thanks to Mark Pisano and Paul Strasser.
Me and my boy Bret here got tangled up with some big hairy flathead catfish and thought yall might like to see how its done.
Malibu Pier fishing aboard the Aquarius for Monster Halibut
Today we fished with the great people from Malibu Pier Sportfishing. This was a family trip for the kids and friends. We sure had a great time. Check out the monster Halibut we caught off of Zuma Beach.
Pacific Queen Albacore Fishing in Morro Bay, CA
This was a trip for the archives. We had 28 anglers catch 275 Albacore (up to 53 pounds) and 12 Bluefin Tuna (up to 58 pounds).
SFR Webmaster Chad Woods with nice Halibut
I caught this nice Halibut on the New Bluefin out of Captain Hooks Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA.
Halibut comes over the rail for Chris Wolf at Zuma Beach
July 31, 2007. Here is the gaff shot and the beast coming over the rail.
Aquarius Halibut for Chris Wolf
July 31, 2007. Today went fishing on the Aquarius our of Malibu Pier. Conditions were tough in the morning but check out this nice Halibut that Chris Wolf caught at Zuma Beach
Ranger 85 Albacore Kill Box
This is video footage take by Homan Khaki during his recent LIMITSTYLE trip on the Ranger 85 out of San Diego. July 2, 2007.
Ranger 85 Albacore Bendo
This is video footage take by Homan Khaki during his recent LIMITSTYLE trip on the Ranger 85 out of San Diego. July 2, 2007.
17 pound Halibut
Steve with a nice 17 pound Halibut on the New Bluefin out of Captian Hook's Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA
Tribute to Mike Meehan
This is a tribute movie we made for our good friend Michael Meehan. We were sad to lose our fishing buddy in 2004. We will play this to remember him. Thanks Mike for your friendship and humor.
Dinner Time!
I caught this Spider Crab while fishing for Halibut at Santa Cruz Island. We were fishing aboard the New Bluefin out of Captain Hook's Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA. This was a sportfishingreport.com charter.
Wide Open Mussels
This is from a fishing trip on the New Bluefin out of Captain Hooks Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA. This footage was taken in 2004. We were fishing at Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park.
California Halibut - Female
California get up to about 5 feet; they have convex ends of their tails; California Halibut are lefteye flounders (typically).
King Salmon fishing out of Northern California
The waters off the coast of Northern California have been rich in the Salmon that gourmets love and that supplies valuable nutrition for the body.
Calico Bass Feeding
Kelp bass munching on some food while swimming around in the ocean. For more underwater video, check out freedivingfilms.co
Halibut Video
Big halibut filmed at Malibu, CA. See freedivingfilms.com for halibut movie, "Raw Halibut" by Thomas S. Lockie, all video shot while freediving.
Swiss Bikini Team Fishing White Seabass at Santa Cruz Island
Santa Cruz Island White Seabass
Freediving California White Seabass
A Nils Larsen video of big White Seabass swimming through the kelp. Movie was shot while freediving off the Coast of California and it's Channel Islands.
White Seabass Fishing Santa Rosa with Uncle Tuck
Took my Uncle Tuck fishing with live squid at Santa Rosa on the Apollo out of Sea Landing in Santa Barbara. We had a great time, caught some big fish and it was a great way to thank my uncle who started me fishing 26 years ago.
Fishing in Afghanistan with a Bazooka!
This is hilarious!
Huge Brown Trout Awaits Release
Check out this Hog!
Marlin Harlan
Harlan Scores a Blue
Swimming with Stingrays
Do not feed them!
Swimming with Great White Shark
Please do not try this at home
Swimming with Great White Shark
Not Recommended
Shark Bites Commercial Fisherman's Hand
Don't put your hand into a sharks mouth
Great White Sharks Attack Surfer
Unbelievable footage from Australia
Killer Whales steal fisherman's catch!
San Juan Islands
Great White Shark Video!
This is a great video!!

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