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Fish Reports - Page 2
3 Day Update
Polaris Supreme - San Diego, CA

The beat goes on. Captain Tanner checked in from our 3 Day with 85 Bluefin up to 60lbs. 

Posted at 11:50 am on 06-20-2024 by Team Supreme
White Seabass Action Today
Aloha Spirit - Oxnard, CA

Todays fish count 15 passengers 8 white seabass 8 halibut 2 calico bass We will check in tomorrow. ...

Posted at 10:34 am on 06-20-2024 by Shawn Steward
Good opportunity
Ranger 85 - San Diego, CA

Ended our trip with 41 seabass, 10 halibut, and plenty of Rockfish to go around. Pretty good opportunity lately on these guys if you're in the right place at the...

Posted at 09:23 am on 06-20-2024 by Jacob Hensley (Oxnard)
Thursday morning update with SCOOTER

The Daily Double returned from their AM 1/2-Day trip with 77 Sandbass, 23 Calico, and 5 Rockfish for 20 anglers.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Daily Double is having excellent Calico Bass fishing on their local...

Posted at 09:10 am on 06-20-2024 by Big Hungry
BFT Limits on Reverse Overnight Trip
Pacific Dawn - San Diego, CA

This is Captain Mike Loust from Pacific Dawn. We have limits of Bluefin Tuna for our 17 passengers. The fish are within reverse overnight range. We have a trip tomorrow...

Posted at 09:06 am on 06-20-2024 by Mike Loust

06/20/2024 The Dolphin PM trip had 82 calico bass with  100 plus released, 23 assorted rock fish, and 4 sheephead for 36 anglers. The Pacific Queen called in with 25 bluefin so...

Posted at 07:16 am on 06-20-2024 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Thursday Updates

Thursday Returning Trips Update 3:45 PM: The New Seaforth currently has 1 Yellowtail on the boat for their PM trip! The Highliner finished with limits of bluefin tuna for their 24 One...

Posted at 06:12 am on 06-20-2024 by Seaforth Staff
Wednesday Night @ PLSF

Daily Double • 1/2 Day AM • 13 anglers • 65 Calico Bass, 3 Rockfish, 3 Sheephead  Daily Double • 1/2 Day PM • 26 anglers • 100 Calico Bass Released, 91 Calico Bass,...

Posted at 09:25 pm on 06-19-2024 by Big Hungry
Gail Force Wrap Uo
Gail Force - San Pedro, CA

Nice light load of just 20 anglers had a fun day at the island capturing.. 1 White Seabass  1 Yellowtail  1 Halibut  53 Calico Bass  9 Bonito  2 Barracuda    Check our schedule for upcoming trip at LAHARBOR.NET...

Posted at 07:42 pm on 06-19-2024 by LA Harbor Sportfishing Staff
Dan Hernandez Charter
Stardust - Santa Barbara, CA

Good afternoon,  we had a great day fishing with Dan Hernandez. We went out for big rockfish and lingcod and that’s what we did. The lingcod fishing was a little...

Posted at 06:09 pm on 06-19-2024 by Jason Diamond
Mirage Fish Count!
Mirage - Oxnard, CA

Todays fish count! 21 anglers: 21 Halibut, 19 Rockfish, 12 White Seabass ...

Posted at 06:08 pm on 06-19-2024 by Joe Villareal

C Gull II • 1/2 Day AM • 20 • 40 Striped Bass, 16 Halibut  Diamond • 1/2 Day AM • 6 • 12 Striped Bass, 9 Halibut  KingFish • Full Day • 9 •...

Posted at 05:29 pm on 06-19-2024 by Fish Emeryville
Wednesday Recap

Update 7:30 PM: The New Seaforth currently has 2 Yellowtail and 40+ Calico Bass for their Twilight trip! The Highliner returned from their reverse Overnight trip with 36 Bluefin weighing up...

Posted at 05:04 pm on 06-19-2024 by Seaforth Staff
Fishing Report

The Mr. Max, Kahaho, and MorningStar went bottom fishing today and returned home with a fantastic catch. The Mr. Max fully maxed out on all Rockfish and Lingcod!  Talk about...

Posted at 04:41 pm on 06-19-2024 by Noelie Achen ( Vice President )
Wednesday Afternoon Update

The Daily Double returned from their AM 1/2 trip with LIMITS of Calico Bass, 3 Rockfish and 3 Sheephead.  The New Lo-An returned from their 3 day trip with 26 Bluefin...

Posted at 03:14 pm on 06-19-2024 by Big Hungry
Lovely Martha - San Francisco, CA

6/19/24. DOUBLE LIMITS AGAIN!!! Today was another incredible day on the bay!!! Our 12 anglers finished up with 12 limits(24) of halibut  & 12 limits(24) of delicious bass. We even...

Posted at 03:14 pm on 06-19-2024 by Mike Rescino
Aloha Spirit Fish Count
Aloha Spirit - Oxnard, CA

Todays fish count 17 passengers 54 rockfish 13 whitefish 17 calico bass 16 barracuda 12 sheephead 3 lingcod We will see what tomorrow brings ...

Posted at 02:21 pm on 06-19-2024 by Shawn Steward
100+ bluefin so far for their 3 day trip
Vagabond - San Diego, CA

Capt Andrew and the guys checked in with 100+ bluefin so far for their 3 day trip and still a few hours of fishing time left. ...

Posted at 01:59 pm on 06-19-2024 by Mike Lackey
Day 2 fishing Avet 7 day
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Busy morning for us with a 70/30 mix on Yellowtail and Yellowfin. Lot of 28 to 35lb Yellows with the tuna being a steady 18 to 25lbs. Little breezy but...

Posted at 11:20 am on 06-19-2024 by Intrepid Sportfishing
First day of fishing on our annual Avet 7 day.
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Overall good action on excellent grade tuna and yellowtail. Fishing conditions seem to be getting better down here every trip with warmer water moving up from down below. We had...

Posted at 11:19 am on 06-19-2024 by Intrepid Sportfishing

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