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Searcher Tackle Tip Thursday!
Searcher - San Diego, CA

Today is Tackle Tip Thursday!🎣  Today we have Captain Art talking bluefin fishing. Captain Art gives us the run down on sinker rig fishing. Things you will need include line, rubber...

Posted at 11:39 am on 01-23-2020 by Team Searcher
13/7 Fly Down, Fly Back Check In
Shogun - San Diego, CA

Good Morning Guys- Shogun checked in yesterday morning with a quick count from their 13/7 fly down, fly back very limited load trip. The first day of fishing they had 18...

Posted at 10:47 am on 01-23-2020 by Shogun Office Staff
Local 1/2 Day Report

The Daily Double called in with 3 Blacksmith, 18 Barred Sand Bass, 3 Kelp Bass and 3 California Scorpion Fish for their last AM 1/2 day trip.     The ½ day boat, Daily...

Posted at 04:22 am on 01-23-2020 by Big Hungry
Now Booking!

Excalibur 1.5 Day and Relentless 2 Day trips depart Friday and will be heading South to target Rockfish, Yellowtail, Lingcod and other area species along the Mexican Coast. Trip price...

Posted at 10:47 am on 01-22-2020 by H&M Landing
American Angler - San Diego, CA

It takes a lot of sunrises to see a special one, but it's all worth it The Guys ...

Posted at 10:37 am on 01-22-2020 by Brian Kiyohara
Tackle Prep Day 1
Royal Polaris - San Diego, CA

Hello everyone;  As the sunrises, and a hot breakfast, it was time for day one.  After breakfast, Roy had his first seminar of three.  Today Roy talked about kite leaders,...

Posted at 09:11 am on 01-22-2020 by Royal Polaris Crew

January 22, The Dolphin Halibut Derby caught 18 Sandbass, 2 Sculpin and 7 Released Halibut for 19 anglers. January 21st, The Dolphin PM caught 7 Perch, 1 Halibut, 3 Sculpin and 6 Sandbass for 8 anglers. January 20th, The Dolphin AM...

Posted at 05:29 am on 01-22-2020 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Tuesday Report

The New Seaforth finished Tuesday's trip with 65 Rockfish and 45 Vermilion Rockfish for their 11 anglers! The New Seaforth will be running three-quarter day trips daily to Mexico,...

Posted at 01:24 pm on 01-21-2020 by Seaforth Staff
JBll #1 Take Off
Royal Polaris - San Diego, CA

Hello everyone;   We departed on the Jerry Brown 18/18 long-range adventure today.  With only 16 passengers, we are headed for points south.  We have a great load of bait, and...

Posted at 01:17 pm on 01-21-2020 by Royal Polaris Crew
Monday Report

The New Seaforth finished Monday's trip with 205 Rockfish and 65 Vermilion Rockfish for their 30 anglers! The New Seaforth will be running three-quarter day trips daily to Mexico,...

Posted at 03:47 pm on 01-20-2020 by Seaforth Staff
Quality Bottom Fishing on the Baja Coast
Pacific Queen - San Diego, CA

The Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego, CA checked in with us after returning from a 1.5 Day on the Baja Coast. The Yellowtail pulled a no...

Posted at 03:34 pm on 01-20-2020 by Drew Card
Accurate Returns
American Angler - San Diego, CA

A big thanks to Accurate Reels for their generous loaner gear and to our rep. Gary Teraoka for all he does for the American Angler. Although there were no cows (biggest...

Posted at 11:59 am on 01-20-2020 by American Angler Gang
Searcher - San Diego, CA

Did you bring a friend with you on a Searcher trip? Did you get into our S.O.N.A.R program? ⁠ ⁠ It’s that time of year. Time to pick a winner for our...

Posted at 10:56 am on 01-20-2020 by Team Searcher
trip 20-1 Excellent Photos
Independence - San Diego, CA

Great performance from a couple of great guys ...

Posted at 08:10 am on 01-20-2020 by Matt Kaullen
Intrepid Sunday Check In
Intrepid - San Diego, CA

Bill Cavanaugh called in this morning from the Intrepid. We have had decent fishing the lat few days. Weather has started to improve and we will be able to be more...

Posted at 07:24 pm on 01-19-2020 by Bill Cavanaugh
Channel Islands Sportfishing Sat. 01-19-2020

Today’s Fish Count: 2 Boats and 58 Anglers 28 Calico Bass, 8 Sand Bass, 1Sculpin, and 600 Sand Dabs. Bass fishing on the Gentleman looked like fun with a decent keeper bass...

Posted at 07:04 pm on 01-19-2020 by Channel Islands Sportfishing
Sunday Update

The New Seaforth is a DEFINITE RUN for Monday's three-quarter day trip to Mexican waters!The New Seaforth finished Sunday's trip with 100 Rockfish and 30 Vermilion Rockfish for their 13...

Posted at 04:16 pm on 01-19-2020 by Seaforth Staff
Good Yellowtail Fishing Today

The Vagabond called in from their 2.5 day trip with 59 nice Yellowtail for their 24 passengers. They are due back to dock at 6:15 AM. The Daily Double called in...

Posted at 03:28 pm on 01-19-2020 by Big Hungry

January 21st, The Dolphin PM caught 7 Perch, 1 Halibut, 3 Sculpin and 6 Sandbass for 8 anglers. January 20th, The Dolphin AM caught 18 Sandbass, 106 Perch, 2 Halibut, 8 Sculpin, and...

Posted at 11:04 am on 01-19-2020 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Colonet 1.5 Day Wrap Up
Tomahawk - San Diego, CA

The Tomahawk out of Fishermans Landing in San Diego, CA called in with a wrap up report from a 1.5 Day Colonet Trip. We are finishing up with limits of rockfish,...

Posted at 09:44 pm on 01-18-2020 by Tomahawk Crew

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