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Fish Reports - Page 2
Afternoon update
American Angler - San Diego, CA

Night method was a 200 + gram flat fall and daytime hot ticket was 30-40# fly line and 100g colt snipers  up to 40 fish  ...

Posted at 02:05 pm on 05-11-2021 by Lori Withee
Offshore Bluefin Update

The Polaris Supreme just called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna! The fish are in the 20to 60lb class. There is plenty of time left to fish, so stay tuned for...

Posted at 01:47 pm on 05-11-2021 by Seaforth Staff
Exploring for salmon
Riptide - Half Moon Bay, CA

With the nice weather Today we started our day running west along the line looking for some life and didn't find much so we ran back to the inside. We ended up...

Posted at 12:49 pm on 05-11-2021 by William Smith
Tuesday AM Update

The Polaris Supreme reported in with 18 Bluefin Tuna on board and fish hanging. The fish are in the 20to 60lb. class. Stay tuned for more updates as they...

Posted at 10:12 am on 05-11-2021 by Seaforth Staff
Final Day
Royal Star - San Diego, CA

For our last day of fishing we focused exclusively on areas where we had seen trophy tuna. We found the 80-175 grade and one that was a 195. Unfortunately the...

Posted at 09:56 am on 05-11-2021 by Brian Sims
Tuesday morning report

The American Angler is off to an excellent start this morning. Capt. Ray checked in with 30 Bluefin Tuna in the 40 lb to 60 lb range. The AA has...

Posted at 09:19 am on 05-11-2021 by Big Hungry
From the bridge
American Angler - San Diego, CA

By 6am had 23 bft from 40-60#s very good opportunity in the dark  spots on 5/24&5/26 come fishing  

Posted at 08:03 am on 05-11-2021 by Ray Lopez

5/11/2021 The Condor called in with limits (75) of Yellowtail and 18 Bluefin Tuna (with fish hanging) for 15 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. The Liberty called in with 16 Bluefin Tuna (2...

Posted at 07:00 am on 05-11-2021 by Fishermans Landing Staff
Aloha Spirit Fish Count
Aloha Spirit - Oxnard, CA

Today’s fish count 16 passengers 160 rockfish 37 whitefish 7 sheephead 12 barracuda 4 lingcod 2 yellowtail 1 calico bass ...

Posted at 08:57 pm on 05-10-2021 by Shawn Steward
Bluefin Are Very Unpredictable
San Diego - San Diego, CA

The most predictable thing about bluefin is that they are very unpredictable. Today we saw very little sign of tuna. We also stopped on plenty of large kelps for nothing....

Posted at 08:56 pm on 05-10-2021 by Ryan Bostian
Monday night

5/10/21 fish counts: Mission Belle - 70 Bonito, 1 Yellowtail The Mission Belle is a WILL RUN tomorrow for their full day trip offshore. The T-Bird has 1.5 day trips scheduled to depart...

Posted at 07:25 pm on 05-10-2021 by Big Hungry
Filled up on rockfish
Coral Sea - Santa Barbara, CA

Good afternoon gang. Excellent cod fishing for the guys today. Limits of quality rockfish and more. Stopped on multiple schools of Seabass this morning hoping they’ll let there guard down...

Posted at 05:24 pm on 05-10-2021 by Jamie Diamond
Mirage Fish Count!
Mirage - Oxnard, CA

Todays fish count!  22 anglers: 10 White Seabass, 1 California Scorpionfish, 3 California Sheephead, 3 Lingcod, 61 Ocean Whitefish, 169 Rockfish ...

Posted at 04:58 pm on 05-10-2021 by Joe Villareal
Good Fishing
Royal Star - San Diego, CA

A quick update from Capt Brian Sims whose signal offshore went quiet the past couple of days. He will update in greater detail when coverage returns. Until then the news...

Posted at 04:36 pm on 05-10-2021 by Tim Ekstrom
Good fishing
Stardust - Santa Barbara, CA

Good afternoon, we are heading in from a 3/4 day. We checked out a couple different areas for Sea bass this morning, some really good signs of it but didn’t...

Posted at 04:35 pm on 05-10-2021 by Jamie Diamond
Salmon report
Kahuna - Moss Landing, CA

A little better sign today with  few fish caught and a few shakers.  We'll be going for rockfish the next few days then back at the salmon.

Posted at 04:20 pm on 05-10-2021 by Carol Jones
May 7-10 (2.5 day) Jackpot Winners!
Searcher - San Diego, CA

Congratulations Jackpot Winners! 1. Jason O. – 58# Bluefin Tuna 2. Richmond F. – 57# Bluefin Tuna 3. Danny N. – 54# Bluefin Tuna 3. Peter G. – 54# Bluefin Tuna

Posted at 03:42 pm on 05-10-2021 by Team Searcher
Monday Update

The Pacifica just called in from their One Day Trip. They have 9 Bluefin tuna and 38 Yellowtail on the boat, and still have fishing left for the day. The Polaris...

Posted at 03:14 pm on 05-10-2021 by Seaforth Staff
Fantastic 1/2 day halibut trip!!
Lovely Martha - San Francisco, CA

5/10/21. Today we had an excellent 1/2 day trip!! We finished up the trip with 25 halibut and 1 striped bass for 15 anglers!!! We have lots of room TOMORROW,...

Posted at 12:23 pm on 05-10-2021 by Mike Rescino
Good Fishing Day

A very good fishing day on Sunday with lots of fish caught on a sunny, wind free beautiful day on the ocean.  Mr Max reports limits on the rockfish along...

Posted at 10:03 am on 05-10-2021 by Tradewinds Charters Staff

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