Fishing Outlook 8-25-16

Photo Credit: Jose Luna

by Angler's Edge Fly Shop

Please still carry a thermometer if you are going to be doing any Catch and Release, the cool nights are certainly helping extend the morning fishing, but keep it handy!

Gosh, so much stuff going on!! School is in here in Nevada, and some CA schools are starting this coming week... What does this mean? Tourists are waning, meaning more waters aren't so crowded! HEENAN opens up on September 2nd, on September 3rd, is CALIFORNIA FREE FISHING DAY! (All applicable laws must be followed).

Here's the RANT/RAVE: and then, there's the announcement of USFWS designating 3,000 SQUARE MILES, of “Critical Habitat” for frogs, and saying that non-native fish and climate change has contributed to the demise of the frog, when in fact, 99.9% of the frogs demise is cause by the Chytrid Fungus.... We're still looking into where this is at, (same place, same 2,000,000 acres from 2014? Alpine/Mono/Inyo Counties?) since, the article fails to mention where this is located in their announcement to the Associated Press.

We're in a bit of the doldrums with hatches, and really, that's good, you don't have to get some different fly to fish with! Wish I could shout something new this week.. but hey, this is a good thing! (save your money, we've got waders on sale!)

E. CARSON: CA: Flows: average 80 cfs this week, still just 20 cfs below median flow. above Hangman's (along hwy 89/4) Rivers will be stocked for Free CA fishing day, on the 3rd and the Holiday weekend. Not much has changed for the fare that the fish will take. Buggers in olive or black, Caddis are hatching, PMD's and BWO's of course the hoppers are all over the place and also the ants. I'd certainly skate a stimulator in yellow or orange. Para-madam X in yellow or chartreuse. Nymphing: micro mayfly, EC caddis, PT, hare's ear, little yellow stone, caddis pupa, san Juan's. Catch & Release section (downstream at Hangman's Bridge), Like the water above, nice flows. The reports that we've gotten is that it's still a bit slow.. Walk away from the parking lot. Go further down stream. Still watch for the snakes trying to cool off in the water Same bug patterns as above. If in the C & R area, and using artificial lures, please give the fish a chance for an easier take, and cut off 2 of the hooks on a treble (and remember to check hooks in your shirt.. it's a $490 ticket for each barbed hook).

E. CARSON: NV: Flows average: 79 cfs, about 20 cfs below median. NDOW stocked 3 weeks ago with a lot of fish.. (5,000) and there are certainly fish left. In the early morning go for a dry dropper set up of a caddis (Elk Hair) with a zebra midge (black) drop. Mid day, if the fish will play, throw a bugger in a size 8 – size 12 Being clearer, start being a little more sneaky (yes, this is a fishing terminology :) Dead Drift Red Copper Johns, Golden stones, little yellow stones, zebra midges, or San Juans. Dry fly action should always include a dropper of a zebra midge, hare's ear, caddis pupa, make it a stimulator or grasshopper a cripple caddis or ant. It's almost time to start venturing up the further reaches, they'll hit s dry nicely early in the morning and late in the evening. Remember to release wilds (par marks, 'God's Thumbprints' along lateral line) and the brown trout to keep the populations going!

W. CARSON: Flows 17 cfs, running about 10 cfs below normal, and it will receive a bump in flows from storage above in about 2 days. The Carson Rivers are at this time of year, considered 'irrigation canals. One week(ish) for watering for the CA side, the next week for the NV side.. Will be stocked this coming week for the Holiday. Maybe even be a lucky shot at a wild or two on an ant pattern.. those little wilds are FAST! Look for the more oxygenated waters to the plunge pools for these speed demons. A note, if you do pick up a wild trout, please let it go, If using bait, just cut the line, no longer are viable trout being stocked. Dries: Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator , Stone, adams in a 16, Pale Morning Dun mayfly size 14. Nymphs: Hare's ear, PT, Prince nymph (always a go-to!), zebra midges, WD-40.

E. WALKER: NV (Rosaschi Ranch): Flows 85 cfs: flows about 80 cfs below median. CATCH & RELEASE, NO BAIT, BARBLESS NO KILL. TAKE TEMPS after 10 am... off at 69 degrees. We'd still recommend you try, using a pair of dykes and cut the hook off completely.. go out see what will hit your fly.. pull it out of their mouth,, no harm, no foul and they won't be stressed from fighting in warm water! Some nice EARLY morning reports of Damsels and hoppers (size 12/14) the 2/3 year olds were taking nicely.
Dead drift light colored buggers (light olive, white),natural zonkers, clousers, copper johns, hare's ear, rubber legged stones, little yellow stones, red or black zebra midges, bubbleback midges, Hot Pink bugger, Tequila twist.

E. WALKER: CA Flows 84 cfs, about 80 cfs below median: TAKE TEMPS after 10 am... off at 69 degrees. CATCH & RELEASE NO BAIT, BARBLESS (Special Regulations)Flows have been dropping, but we do have some cooler night time temps. Tricos and caddis are still coming off with the moring sun. Buggers, PT,s Chrino's , and midge on a heavy rig. Damsels are coming still coming off. A good idea is to get the CLEAR glow in the dark Thingamabobbers, you'll get use to finding it. The fish won't move off it as easily. Nymphs they weren't too picky about, ADD, ADHD, black brassies, nitro caddis, bubble back, hare's ear.

E. WALKER: NV ELBOW AREA Flows 80 cfs. If doing C & R in that area: TAKE TEMPS after 9 am... off at 69 degrees. PT's Hare's ear, stone, Micro Mayfly, san juans. Dries: Stimi's in yellow, hoppers, PMD's.

WEST WALKER : CA: Flows 20 cfs below average: 66 It's gotten lower, so use a bit more stealth and look for the cooler more oxygenated tailouts. Pickel Meadows is not as busy as it was a few weeks ago. Fish were stocked last week and podded up, and it should receive another stocking for the holiday by CA, and the Fish Enhancement program stocked a few places this week. Perhaps hit the canyon area with a dinner picnic when everyone else goes home for the evening. (REMINDER: Release the Browns, if you want to see one in the future!) Yellow Crystal bugger is a go to on this water, (Walker Bugger), red/black or green copper johns, hare's ears, Flashback Pheasant tail and rubber legged stones. Dries: Stimulator, Royal Wulff, Caddis, Adams, EHC.

WEST WALKER NV (Hoye Canyon): Hoye Canyon is NO LONGER open to the public. Only public fishing on the West Walker Nevada access is Wilson Canyon on 208 south of Yerington.

HOBART ~ CLOSES SEPTEMBER 30th. Early in the morning the lake is still active on top, then they go a bit deeper due to the heat and the sun. Damsels, PT's zebra midges, red or black, mosquito's, black ants. For Directions for a 4 x 4 vehicle:

PYRAMID LAKE We have guides for Pyramid Lake. Make your reservations NOW for the opening weeks, slots will fill up FAST!!!
Opens in 36 days, start thinking of getting your boxes filled with patterns to emulate the Tui Chub and streamers for opener, for about the first 3 weeks they are heavy on the bait fish! Get your license online. Check your fly supply, net, sink tips/lines, waders (Did I mention we're having a sale on waders :) ), your ladder, and your leader supply!

TOPAZ: CLOSES SEPTEMBER 30th..... Topaz Lake is still good for …. bass. Trout have gone a bit deep, The bass will certainly hit 'big unglies', buggers, dead drift cray fish. THE CARP have left the shallows, but can still be targeted in that southern area. (if you haven't done carp fishing, come in and ask.. it's a hoot!) Olive buggers, damsel nymphs, Carp flies, crayfish patterns and a very stout 8 weight rod. FYI the canal temps were at 72 degrees coming out of the lake. Not good for C & R.

If fishing the LAKE of Topaz, a CA (OR) an NV.. if you turn to do the outlet (Topaz Canal) you must have a NV license. As is, turning to the inlet, you would have to have a CA license. Be informed the Canal area is now marked NO Trespassing about 2 miles from head wall (It is private property).

SPOONER: A PERSONAL NOTE: catch a chub, KILL IT.. This lake has become so over populated with chub, that the trout there are competing for food. Not much has changed since last week's report: Damsels, zebra midges, copper johns, PT's buggers in white, olive, zug bugs, princes. If you see lips: Para Adams, Trico. Just want to catch ANY fish (chub) use a zug bug... it's a guaranteed take.

DESERT CREEK: A bit cooler water at this little creek, since it doesn't get the hot afternoon sun. Buggers, hoppers, ants, caddis, little yellow stones.

HEENAN: Opens on September 2nd!!! Catch and Release Only, No bait, No Kill, Barbless. Open September – October, only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Sunrise to Sunset (Specified) (check you r float tubes, waders, and your Pyramid flies, they'll work.

INDIAN CREEK: Weeds are still up, perhaps by October 1st, we’ll have acouple of good freezes to break them down. Fish are going a bit deep, if fishing from shore, I'd throw a damsel early in the morning. If in a float tube, you'll do better, and start using an intermediate or sink tip. Finger crawl your nymphs. Buggers in olive, black and white. Red zebra midges, Blood midges, small Maholo's, hares' ear, damsels, sheep creek specials.

BURNSIDE: fishing okay, this little lake only gets stocked once a year, slows down at high sun, same as ICR, go deep or go home if you are going out on the water mid day.

KIRMAN: Cooler temps in the higher elevations this week.. cooler.. 39 degrees.. continue to watch for warm water... We may have lost fish due to last year's low water and then a Winter kill. A few fish have been caught. Watch for rattlesnakes on the way up and out. (shiny) Scuds, zugs, damsels, olive buggers, chrino's to the weed beds.

TRUCKEE: Flows in Mogul are about 266 and holding very steady. Some days are diamonds and some days are coal... we've had good reports and bad.. it's not you.. it's the fish. Stones, Green Drake nymphs (Olive hare's ear, in a pinch) San Juans , Rainbow warriors. If you're adventurous, throw a big ugly Rabbit strip fly to clean up a run or hole. It was hit pretty hard with 2 years of hard drought and really warm water temps. There are some survivors and that's good. If we want the repopulation of brown trout to be there, let them go (tell your spin or bait buddies) FWS dumped in a big load of Little LCT's.. good fodder for the browns and big 'bows.

O'BANION'S ASPEN LAKE: Closed Due to summer Algae bloom.. will announce when reopening.

Did you know that The Angler's Edge has guides covering Pyramid, walk/wade or float the Truckee, trips to Kirman and all the way to the Owens River and Crowley? Book a day or ½ day!! call the shop to learn these waters with a professional 775-781-7112

ASSORTED REPORTS: Let us know if there are waters that you want reports on! We'll place them here.

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Please still carry a thermometer if you are going to be doing any Catch and Release, the cool nights are...... Read More


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