Bridgeport Fish Report - May 21, 2023

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

The East is running about 1100 cfs right now, very high. We haven’t really heard of anyone fishing it for the last several days so we don’t really have any reports at this time. The flows down there will likely be very high for the forseeable future. If/when we talk to anyone venturing down there we’ll let you know how it goes.
It sounds like they’ve opened up the highway on the Nevada side now but of course we haven’t had any reports from the ranch so far. As with the California side we’ll let you know as soon as we know anything.
Bridgeport is still producing some fish here and there, there hasn’t been too many anglers fishing it but the ones who are are having some limited success. The shore fishing seems to be better than the boat fishing lately with some nice 4 and 5 pounders coming in from anglers fishing power bait, crawlers and mice tails. We did talk to a couple anglers who were trolling yesterday and caught 6 or 8 fish but they were all fairly small. The water is still off color due to the snow run-off. The level of the lake is starting to rise with the increase in the snow run-off, I think it’s come up several feet in just the last few days. Hopefully it will continue to rise and be more than half full within the next couple weeks.
KIRMAN LAKE May 21, 2023
We are starting to get some information coming in on Kirman, some good and some not so good. It sounds like there was somewhat of a winter kill up there, we had a report from some anglers who hiked up there and saw a large number of dead fish floating on the lake, a few days later when they went back up there all the fish were gone, either eaten by predators or sunk to the bottom. They also told us that they did fish and had some success, it wasn’t as good a day as they had had last season but they did catch fish, so it sounds like at least it wasn’t a 100% loss. The trail is apparently pretty good until you get to the hill past Junction Reservoir, that stretch of road is pretty much a small stream with snow banks 6 or 8 feet on either side. As we get more reports we’ll be sure to let you know how things are up there.
TWIN LAKES May 21, 2023
The Twins still seem to be the best place to fish lately with lots of good reports coming in from both lakes. The shore fishing is still good with lots of pan sized fish being caught as well as some good fish in the 4 to 6 pound range from both lakes. Bait anglers are using power bait, mice tails, crawlers and pinched crawlers while lure anglers are using Kastmasters, Thomas Bouyants and Rapalas. There’s been a few fly anglers stripping streamers and leech patterns and having some success as well.
We haven’t heard any rumblings about the West lately, the water is very high and off color so it will likely be difficult to fish for a while. We’ll let you know when the conditions improve.
The Virginia Lakes Road has not been cleared of snow yet, it may be a while before the road is cleared and you can get up there, again, we’ll let you know when it is accessible.
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It sounds like Highway 338 is now open so you can get through to Smith Valley that way. We’ve heard that once 338 opens they will be closing Highway 395 for the necessary repairs in the Topaz Lake area, not sure when this closure will take place but it will likely be soon.
The Virginia Lakes road, Buckeye Road and Green Creek Road are still mostly covered with snow, it has been getting warmer so that snow should start melting pretty fast and we’ll keep you updated on those road conditions as they improve.
The Bridgeport Gun Club is having their annual Gun Rights Dinner on June 3, the Mono County Museum here in Bridgeport will re-open for the season on May 24 and the Bridgeport Motorcycle Jamboree is getting a fresh start on June 9, 10 and 11 this year!
The Hunewill Pond was stocked with fish yesterday so we’ll be booking time out there once again, as soon as we make sure the fish are doing well and have a couple reports about them and the fishing we’ll let you know and I will revise the fishing report with that information.

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