Our Guests from Indiana Loved Learning About Salmon

by Herb Tennell
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The Andersons were visiting from Indiana and look what they left with! 

Alaskan salmon are by far one of the most impressive fish in the sea and we can't help but appreciate all that they do for us both in our ecoystem and in sustaining us. Their lifecyles are truly impressive. 

Salmon are anadromous fish, meaning they start their lifecyle in the freshwater streams of Alaska before heading out to sea for adulthood. They don't return to their homestream until they are ready to spawn and die. The memory and smell centers in a salmon's brain grow rapidly just before it leaves its home stream for the sea. Scientists believe this memory of their home stream's unique smell will help salmon find their way back when it's time to spawn, according to the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Service

When a salmon hatches, it is adapted for a life in fresh water. Its whole body goes through many changes during its migration to the sea to make it able to live in salt water.

Salmon are all bright silver in the sea. As they return to spawn, their colors may change to brown, bright red, green, or stripes. The spawning males of different species may also develop a hooked nose, humped back, or fierce teeth which help them attract a mate and defend their spawning territory.

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